Horses boarded at Black Dirt Farm become part of our herd of working horses, and will be actively managed with the same care as our own. We use feed and forage quality, activity, good housing, and attention as our primary tools to support healthy horses. Our horses are grazed in a rotational pasture system, rich with diverse forage, including Timothy Grass, Clover, Dandelion, and Purple Vetch. During poor weather horses are fed high quality, organically-raised hay from the farm. Horses are housed in box stalls when necessary based on the weather and always have access to shade and wind breaks, wherever they are. Our boarding services are turnkey for you and include daily stall cleaning, feeding and turn out. Add-on services include: hoof trimming, vet calls, grooming, and riding. If you are interested in boarding with us, please make an appointment to meet our staff and see the facilities.